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Nokia BH-320 Bluetooth [ENDED] RM 59

Poster:joeken (My homepage) (See my listing)
Date:Tuesday 22-Jun-2010 12:33pmSend me message

Location:K.K areas
Delivery note:Free postage

The first 5 KKSELL members who post comment on this item during the 1st day of Hari Raya(anytime after 12am) will get this item for FREE.

- The comment must be posted after 12am on the 1st Hari Raya day.
- The poster must be within Sabah.
- The poster must be a registered user in KKSELL.COM
- The poster must share this item on their Facebook.
- Only 1 free item will be sent to 1 physical address (e.g. we cannot send 2 items to the same address)</strong>

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Questions and comments

robot:ok i will post comment tonight :D - (Thursday 09-Sep-2010 3:24pm)
FashionShop:thank you kksell, can i get one for free pls... - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 12:05am)
AkAutoEquipment:Ok~ im the 3rd already...can i get this for free then?? pls inform me at 016-8399106 - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 5:27am)
AkAutoEquipment:o ya..beside using postage..can i COD with u ?? Thanks...pls inform me if i get this free ~ contact me 016-8399106 - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 5:31am)
avy_ab:i commented...^_^ - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 7:53am)
joeken:Sorry no COD, too lazy to meet one by one :)
I prefer to just go to post office and send out 5 items at once.
We wait until we get 5 posters. Then I will ask for your address details. - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 1:42pm)
AkAutoEquipment:I can come to your office u no nid worry lo...hehe.. by the way...anything just contact me alrite.. - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 2:16pm)
joeken:still waiting...
Please send me your address through KKSELL's message system. Just click on the "Send me message" button. - (Friday 10-Sep-2010 9:47pm)
as:still can free or not?heheheh..^^ - (Sunday 12-Sep-2010 4:57pm)
robot:i forgot to post earlier.. got any left?? i also want one... thank u - (Sunday 12-Sep-2010 11:50pm)
AkAutoEquipment:Already 5 ppl.. so when gonna send it?Thanks - (Monday 13-Sep-2010 1:16am)
joeken:ok all winner please send me your address through the "Send me message" button above.
I want to send out all the prize by tomorrow. So please give me your address ASAP. - (Monday 13-Sep-2010 2:43pm)
joeken:Thanks AkAutoEquipment.. I received your address long before the promotion ended :D - (Monday 13-Sep-2010 2:45pm)
joeken:still waiting for addresses.
Ak i will send to you first tomorrow if i still don't receive the others address. - (Tuesday 14-Sep-2010 2:40pm)
avy_ab:how 2 know the winner?? - (Tuesday 14-Sep-2010 3:04pm)
AkAutoEquipment:Ok thanks...can list out the 5 winners pls? Thanks - (Tuesday 14-Sep-2010 5:13pm)
joeken:The winner is..:

- (Tuesday 14-Sep-2010 9:21pm)
shimcard:really FREE O.o - (Tuesday 14-Sep-2010 10:32pm)
vinboy:really meh?? got free thing in this world??
- (Wednesday 15-Sep-2010 9:45am)
michelle:I want. ada lagi?? - (Wednesday 15-Sep-2010 11:08am)
joeken:AkAutoEquipment, your item has been sent out today.
Should arrive tonite, otherwise it will be on Friday. - (Wednesday 15-Sep-2010 4:06pm)
AkAutoEquipment:Yes i receive it today already..Thanks bro... - (Thursday 16-Sep-2010 3:24am)
FashionShop:Thanks I have already received your present. And I am happy with it. ThankYou !! '>' - (Friday 17-Sep-2010 4:08pm)

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