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Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Fully Automatic 169.00

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Quick & Convenient Way to Monitor Your Personal Health / blood pressure at home with Brand New Health Club Arm Blood Pressure Monitor!

Knowing & consistently monitoring your blood pressure levels is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just slip the cuff onto your arm and press the start button. You’ll get fast & accurate one-touch blood pressure & pulse rate measurements

* Provides systolic, diastolic & pulse readings
* Fully automatic inflation & deflation
* 48 data memory with date & time
* 1 year warranty
* 4 AA battery
* Brand: Health Club
* Made in Korea

WHO Blood Pressure Classification

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) developed the following Blood Pressure Classification. As this is only a general guideline, you should consult your physician or doctor to determine what is optimum for you

There is no universally accepted definition of hypotension (low blood pressure), but a systolic pressure below 99mmHg is usually regarded as hypotension. (Please see pic)


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*Item is QC inspected with 100% working condition b4 ship!

*Item sold as described, no return or refund
*Buyer bear Resend cost if given wrong shipping address

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