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Mini Triangle Massage 40.00

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According to the physics, bionics, the Chinese medicine studies, Senta's triangle massage machine is a new generation exquisite healthy article that combines with the development of modern electronics technology, and adopt the essence of massage of China traditional Chinese medicine
studies, and make use of dither massage function, which can dredge veins and arteries, accelerate blood circulation, and have certain curative effect on muscle aching, removal fatigue, long sit to paralyze etc. symptom. And also can bring you the easily leisure natural enjoyments.
Functional Description
The product adopts 3 independent soft touch principal massage, which can relax muscle, slow nerve and promote blood circulation, intensify cell metabolism and strengthen the flexibility of skin. And can alleviate fatigue, obviously soothe various chronic ache, impatient ache as well as
muscle aching. In addition, it also can relax body and ease press, reduce crease of the skin. Using three sections, when vibrating , the massage ball will give out colorful light. It can be easily taken with convenience, applicable to every part of the whole body.
Work part: the head, neck and shoulder, back and stomach, hand and foot, leg and face all can be
used. It can be easily used, and be convenient. When massage machine operates, the massage ball
will send out seven colorful ray of lights.
Method of Use
1, this massages a machine must use three dry battery.
2, You can still freely use, regardless of sitting, standing or lying - down .
3, After packing battery, stick the massage machine tightly to the massage part ,and press the top
of machine lightly with hand, then touch power switch, it is fine when the machine working.
4, You can slightly make an effort to press the machine in order to intensify strength of the
massage while massaging. Besides, you can back and forth walk to massage the massage part.
5, The body design is small and flexible and it is convenient to take, it is an essential health care
article to life, work and study

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