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PYE Krek Seal / Crack Sealer 28.80

Poster:YLT (My homepage) (See my listing)
Date:Tuesday 13-Sep-2022 2:37amSend me message

Location:K.K areas

Resin based waterpruf surface treatment (for bathroom leakages and cracks)

Colour: White

Packing: 500ml

Coverage: Use as required

Specially formulated liquid sealant. Its low viscosity allows it to penetrate, fill and seal the hairline cracks in concrete, plaster, brick blocks or other similar types of materials.

Specially formulated to be used on both horizontal and vertical plaster surfaces

For hollow and concrete floors, mosaic and ceramic tiles, joints of floors and walls

Suitable for toilet areas, cracks on bath tubs and toilet floor and precast concrete

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